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Vegas Vegan Culinary School & Eatery is the first vegan cooking school, vegan deli, and vegan food delivery service in the United States that is not accredited. All of the hippest local spots are within walking distance from our central location in the historic arts district of Las Vegas.  It is our goal to show visitors a fun and memorable time while providing them with the tools they need to learn how to cook and eat plant-based foods. We even invite you to take a load off  at our bar and sip on our wide selection of vegan wines and beers at our establishment!

Vegan chefs and celebrity chefs teach a wide range of hands-on classes, from absolute beginners to advanced cooks alike. There are both in-person and online classes. Support a company that cares about its employees and community, and about the welfare of animals.

Vegas vegan culinary

Who We Are

Vegas Vegan Culinary School & Eatery is the first woman-owned, non-accredited vegan cooking school and deli in the USA. Our mission is to teach people the ease and deliciousness of plant-based cooking and eating as an alternative to animal consumption. We offer more than 25 monthly classes taught by in-house chefs, vegan chefs from around the world, celebrity chefs, and (eventually) virtual classes with international chefs. Enjoy our 16+ daily fresh items available for dine-in or take-out at our deli, or order our weekly meal prep kit which includes four meal options and two desserts!
Meet the founder

About Heather Heath

Heather is a 30-year veteran of healthcare executive management and CFO responsibilities. Excellent at non-profit administration and the related fields of financial management, marketing and sales strategy and public relations on a global scale

A fervent supporter of plant-based alternatives and the development of novel methods for assisting people in making the switch to a vegan diet. Since its inception in 2007, her non-profit Willow’s Wish Foundation has worked to improve animal welfare around the world through a variety of initiatives including animal spay/neuter campaigns and public awareness campaigns. For many years, she has also worked with prominent foundations to promote long-term population control initiatives and long-term solutions as an animal welfare consultant and volunteer in countries all over Asia (particularly South Korea). She is dedicated to promoting long-term, positive impacts for future generations by raising awareness and implementing informed, practical solutions.

Entertaining cooking by day and Vegas by night.

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